How much does your Encompass Software Cost?

ANSWER: Click on the Quick Quote link at the top of the Core Processing page. Provide a few pieces of information and receive a Quick Quote.

Do you offer an In House or Online Core Processing Solution?

ANSWER: The AMI Encompass Software System is delivered in both an In-house and Hosted environment. There is no difference in system functionality between In-house and Hosted so it comes down to what your Credit Union prefers.

Do you offer Home Banking and a Mobile App?

ANSWER: Yes. AMI offers Member.Net Home Banking (Both Batch and Real Time). Member.Net Home Banking was developed by AMI and is completely integrated with our core. A fully functioning Mobile Application is also available.

What are the advantages of an In House Core Processing System?

ANSWER: Credit Union retains more control by having their data stored in-house on a server. Some of these controls include managing back-ups, rotating back-up media and disaster recovery planning.

What are the advantages of a Hosted Core Processing System?

ANSWER: Hosted processing allows for the credit union to give up some responsibilities such as doing back-ups and disaster recovery planning. With your data stored in AMI’s SSAE 16 Type 2 Compliant Data Center you can feel at ease knowing that your most sensitive information is stored securely.

How do I contact Customer Support if I have an issue

ANSWER: To contact AMI Customer Support you can email or call to talk directly with one of our representatives. You don’t open a ticket, get transferred to India or leave messages. You call you get our staff on the phone and they help take care of what you need. 85% of all service calls are answered immediately.

Is the Encompass Software System easy to learn and use?

ANSWER: Yes. Being a browser-based system our Encompass Software is very intuitive. Since we all know how to use the internet the learning curve to navigate and operate Encompass is very easy.

How long has AMI been in business?

ANSWER: AMI is happy to share that we are in our 33rd year of business serving the needs of credit unions all across the country.

Why should my Credit Union choose AMI?

ANSWER: AMI’s cutting edge core processing, completely integrated online banking and mobile applications provide you with the technology of larger institutions using a cost conscious approach. For over 30 years, AMI has provided our clients with technology solutions backed by the best customer support experience in the industry.

Is my data secure at AMI?

ANSWER: Yes. AMI is recognized as a Tier II data center and has the appropriate controls and redundancies in place to comply with our SSAE 16 Type II audit.

How do my Members benefit from using AMI?

ANSWER: The Encompass Software System offered by AMI delivers many time saving features that will allow your staff more time to take care of your members. Also, the technology we provide gives your members online access to handle every day banking needs such as applying for loans online, making transfers, payments, and accessing documentation through our E-Services.

If you have any questions that aren’t listed in our AMI FAQ, feel free to call us at 800.558.3709.