“AMI really knows our business.”

David Parker, President,
Extension Loan Fund

Discover the Trinergy Solution

Grow Your Institution by Providing First Rate Financial Services!

Our solution is an enterprise-wide platform built to increase your financial stewardship, providing the impetus necessary to grow your institution. Its capabilities enable our clients to lighten their staff’s work load, to lower their operating expenses, and to better serve their membership needs.

The Software

Our all in one software program is aimed to help keep your institution’s back-office organized and running smoothly by providing all of your needs within one program instead of having multiple programs containing data, which increases your chances for errors. By having all of your information in one program, you also can make use of the data more effectively because it is an all in one database and can be referenced from many different parts of the system.

Microsoft Platform

Using Microsoft’s SQL database, residing on a Microsoft Server and processed within Microsoft’s C# .Net environment Trinergy system presents one of the most effective IT solutions for the church extension fund financial institution. This tactic provides a seamless infrastructure within the popular business collaborative software, the Microsoft Office solution, which is currently presented as Office365. With time, as information technology evolves into a more effective automation, Trinergy’s development tools enable its quick adoption, eliminating the notion of obsolescence for our Trinergy family.

Microsoft Partner