Solutions Designed In Partnership With Church Extension Fund Executives

Our software has features built specifically for church funds. With Trinergy you do not have to change your business practices to accommodate software built for other financial markets.

True Integration Of All Your Fund’s Operations

Trinergy will lower your costs and reduce user error by automating, streamlining, and eliminating many routine, manual tasks. Accessing relevant information from your database on Trinergy is both quick and simple.

Full Windows® Interface Including Integration With Microsoft Office® Products.

Not tech savvy? No problem. If you are familiar with Microsoft Windows® you will be comfortable using Trinergy. The interface is extremely user friendly, and extracting relevant information is easy as clicking a button.

Microsoft Partner Windows Server

Dedicated Support Staff

Rest assured you are fully supported by Trinergy. We always address your challenge during the first call and can ‘take over’ your screen, performing functions for you while you follow along. It’s like having a trainer in your office.

Evolving Software Enhancements

We encourage and incorporate client feedback in all our product’s enhancements and can develop custom features faster than the competition, saving you money.

One General Ledger Manages All Your Fund’s Information – Which Resides On A Single Database

Our software solution helps to ensure a compliant and financially healthy operation.

Advanced Development Tools

Building custom features for clients is our forte, and Rapid Application Development tools make us extremely efficient. As a result, our product is flexible and custom development can be completed at a fraction of the time and cost.

Years Of Experience

Our software engineers have built previous financial systems still in use today, and as a result of these experiences we know what works – and what doesn’t. We use this knowledge to develop Trinergy which encompasses the best features from systems we’ve seen and built.

Free Upgrades

With Trinergy, you’re always up to date. Your maintenance fee not only includes free upgrades to new platforms, but also enhancements to existing features for an efficient, effective, and productive process.

Full History Backups

We NEVER delete your data. Referencing ALL history on our system is simple, drilling down from summary to detail level, ensuring a compliant and healthy operation.

Reporting Flexibility

Trinergy is equipped with over 30 pre-built reports, and we provide a powerful report builder. Whether you are looking for instant audit reports or in-depth marketing reports, the possibilities are abundant.