Share Draft Processing

The competition for your member’s money has never been greater. Not only from banks but from other community chartered Credit Unions. Retention of your members comes from the variety of services you can offer them as well as the personalized attention they receive from your Credit Union. It getting to the point where offering Share Drafts as a service to your members is almost a must these days. AMI has developed a rock solid share draft module that will help you compete with not only national banks but also other larger community Credit Unions.

The Share Draft module includes all addition, inquiry, deletion, and maintenance of member share draft master information. It also contains complete on-line history of transactions for two years, as well as comprehensive posting capabilities, including dividends.

The AMI Share Draft module offers the Credit Union the ability to introduce to your membership a feature which will enable them to do ALL of there financial business with you, not the bank. Moreover, this program was designed with you, the Credit Union in mind. Once the initial member draft is opened, and over-drafting and dividend parameters are set, your job is practically over. The AMI Share Draft component takes it from there. All dividends are posted as the share dividends are. Over drafting options are performed automatically as the drafts clear. Even statements are generated along with all others. The combination of the practicality and the ease of use, should convince you now that this a needed solution offering and will help you both gain and retain members with your increased portfolio of services.

  • Numerous Operator Reports
  • Complete Trial Balance
  • Online History
  • Monthly New Share Draft Accounts
  • Monthly Closed Share Draft Accounts
  • Fraudulent Check Detection
  • All Draft information will print on Trial Balance Reports
  • Complete over-drafting capabilities
  • Will transfer money from Shares and/or Loans, and generate fees for each
  • All postings will automatically update General Ledger
  • General Ledger accounts specific Share Drafts will affect
  • Each Share Draft can have unique over-drafting options
  • Many parameters for overdrafts
  • Many Service Charge Options
  • Loan Payment parameters for overdraft Loans
  • Dividend posting information.


As more and more transactions are initiated and transmitted through electronic means, having a program that can reliably and accurately post incoming transactions can dramatically reduce the workload on Credit Union personnel. The AMI ACH Processing module is designed to prepare information transmitted to the Credit Union via a modem to be posted directly to the appropriate members account. All a member needs to do is to instruct the originator to automate their direct deposits or withdrawals. The exact procedure is simple. Each originator will send all pertinent information to a main processor selected by the Credit Union. That processor will then send you a file daily to post. An ACH transaction can affect any members’ main draft or any share suffix selected.

The AMI ACH Processing module is essential if you are handling an increasing amount of direct transactions. The benefits are twofold. First is the speed, simply receive the ACH transmission and then post it. Second is accuracy, all amounts are checked prior to updating member account balances.

  • The procedure for posting ACH information is incredibly easy
  • Transactions can affect a members main draft or any one member selected share suffix
  • Transactions received for a future date can be held to be posted on that date
  • Always posts the correct amount. Reports generated indicate if you are in balance before posting
  • All errors are effectively eliminated
  • All transactions will update a unique General Ledger Account
  • Detailed report from each originator is printed for each transmission
  • Originators full name will print on member statement
  • ACH statements can be generated monthly
  • All deposits can be allocated to any member account or sub-account.

ATM Processing

It seems these days that you can’t throw a rock without hitting an ATM machine nor does it seem that there is anywhere you cannot use a Debit Card. Making it easier for your members to access their accounts is a key to retention of your membership. Processing of these transaction used to be a complicated, difficult, and expensive process and many Credit Unions stayed away from offering this service to their members, but that all changed with the AMI ATM processing module. The AMI ATM processing module easy to use, inexpensive, and most important, works consistently every time. The module itself is designed to prepare information transmitted to the Credit Union via a modem to be posted directly to the appropriate members account. Transactions can be originated at Automated Teller Machines or at the Point of Sale. The exact procedure is simple. Each Origination Point will send all pertinent information to a main processor selected by the Credit Union. That processor will then send you a file daily to post. An ATM transaction can affect any members main draft or share suffix one. You have the option of assessing fees for all ATM transactions. Most processors allow the Credit Union to create and transmit a file containing each members available amount for withdrawal. We offer both a batch system in which the Credit Union uploads a file to their processor once or several times a day and an online system where transactions will post to the members account in real time.

The AMI ATM Processing module is designed to give your members access to Automated Teller Machines and to use their card as a debit card for Point of Sale Transactions. ATM processing will decrease traffic, as members will be able to perform many basic transactions off site. It will also allow members to use their card at any merchant accepting credit cards. This module also is safer than checks, most processors assign a daily withdrawal limit and they accept a daily update from the credit union listing each members available balance for withdrawal. Reduced traffic, ease of use, safer than checks, what could be better?

  • Transactions can affect members main draft or share suffix one.
  • Reports generated ensure you are in balance before posting.
  • All transactions will update a unique General Ledger Account.
  • Detailed report from each originator is printed.
  • Originators name and location will print on member statement.
  • ATM statements are be generated monthly.
  • Automatic overdraw transfers are available for draft withdrawals.
  • Unique fees can be assessed for each transaction type.

Bill Payment

Making it easier for your membership to access their accounts and take care of their financial transactions will not only result in more loyal members but is sure to help you gain new ones. Once your members are doing their banking online, paying their bills online is the next logical step. Adding Electronic Bill Payment to your online banking solution allows you to offer your members a lot of extra benefit without a lot of added cost or hassle.

With Bill Payment, your members can pay anyone, anytime. They can schedule future and recurring payments. And because the funds are deducted directly from their credit union account, they never have to write a check or lick a stamp.


One of the biggest advantages Credit Unions have over banks is the ability to offer higher dividend rates to their members. AMI dividend processing systems is flexible enough to accommodate many different ways of calculating dividends and passing those dollars on to your membership. Dividends may be posted on either the last day of the period or the first day of the new period. For example dividends may be calculated using the following methods and each method may be used in conjunction with a step or plateau calculation:

  • Day of Deposit
  • Day of Withdrawal
  • Average Daily Balance
  • Threshold
  • Variable Rate