In a world where everything is going towards technology, electronic or as they are called E-Statements have become a popular method for the delivery of your members monthly statements.  An E-Statement is just an electronic version of your regular account statement.  The exact same information is provided and it looks just the same as the standard paper copy statement.  AMI’s Encompass Software System automatically creates an E-Statement for any member that chooses to receive one by simply setting a flag in the Account Master.

E-statements are delivered to your member through AMI’s newly designed Member.Net Home Banking system.  As soon as an E-statement is ready for a member to view, they will receive an email notification that directs them to log in to Member.Net and securely view their E-Statement.  The benefits of offering E-statements to your members are many and they include:

  • Save time and money- no more printing, folding, stuffing and mailing or paying someone to do it
  • Be environmentally friendly- it is always a benefit when we do not need to use more paper
  • Faster delivery of statements to your members
  • Stored forever electronically for review at any time
  • Safer- no chance of getting lost in the mail or accidentally thrown away