Continuing to print out and store every report, statement, receipt, etc…can not only be a hassle but become quite costly. Just think of the space dedicated to storing boxes and boxes of old reports and statements. Now think of the time it would take you to dig through all those boxes to find a particular report from a particular month from a particular year. AMI has developed a cold storage system called PORT Paperless Office Reporting Technology to store all of these reports and statements electronically. This will allow you to print any reports or statements from previous months or years that you have sent to the PORT system in a matter of seconds. We also realize that when it comes to optically storing documents one size does not fit all that’s why we have developed three different levels of the PORT system.

P.O.R.T. 1

This is the base system. With PORT I you will have the ability to archive all reports and member statements to the hard disk of your computer system. You will be able to view or print stored information from any workstation attached to your computer. You will be able to access and search all information stored via pre-set criteria and indexes.

P.O.R.T. 2

The PORT II includes all aspects of PORT I with the following enhancements:

  1. You will be able to eliminate microfiche. All data stored on the hard disk of the computer will be transferred to a COMPACT DISC for storage and retrieval.
  2. All software required installing the PORT II on your AMI system.
  3. All software needed to have AMI create the COMPACT DISC with your stored reports and statements.
  4. Eliminates need for a microfiche reader/printer and microfiche paper.
  5. Your cost of storing information will be dramatically reduced.
  6. One full years’ worth of data will fit on one or possibly two COMPACT DISCS.

P.O.R.T. 3

The PORT III includes all aspects of PORT II with the following enhancements:

  1. Includes a fixed annual charge for all data to be transferred to COMPACT DISC regardless of number of pages.
  2. Includes a Laser Disc optical storage interface for your future creation of your own COMPACT DISC.