Since your share accounts are the backbone of your Credit Union any data processing program needs to be two things, easy to use and rock solid reliable. Our Share program which is part of our base system has been developed and improved for over 20 years. Many of the enhancements and additions we have added over the years come directly from our Credit Union customers. One thing that has remained constant though, is the steady consistent operation of our share program. In over 20 years no Credit Union running our system has ever gone down for a day because of our software. Just some of the features of our share program are:

  • Each member can have up to 99 share account suffixes
  • Dividend Rates can be specified by share suffix, i.e. type
  • Dividend methods are:
    – Day of Deposit – Day of Withdrawal
    – Variable Day of Deposit – Threshold
    – Day of Deposit – Average Daily Balance
    – Straight Rate Variable Threshold
    – Shares can be frozen or pledged to loans