The CU-FAST II Audio Response Solution has been developed from the ground up using the completely Web Based technology. This solution will allow credit union’s to provide their membership with the 24/7/365 telephone access to their accounts. Funds transfers, account history, and product marketing are just a few of the features that your members will enjoy.

Web based maintenance functions, seamless integration and rock solid security are some of the important features your staff will appreciate. Not to mention eliminating the hundreds of routine phone calls you receive for balance inquiries and cleared checks.You’ll get all of these advantages along with the most secure and flexible technology available today.


  • Share to Share Transfers
  • Share to Draft Transfers
  • Share to Loan Transfers
  • Draft to Share Transfers
  • Draft to Loan Transfers
  • Share withdrawal Check
  • Account to Account Transfers


  • Balance Inquiry on Shares, drafts, loans, CD’s and IRA’s
  • Unlimited Transaction History
  • Cleared Checks, ATM, Debit, And ACH
  • Credit Union Hours and Locations

Special Features

  • Fee Processing
  • Redundant Audit trail
  • Customizable Menus
  • Receipt Printing
  • Integrated Voice (no need to record messages)
  • Web based message and system maintenance
  • Integrated security