The AMI System is on the cutting edge of in-house data processing technology offering our clients a method to automatically process all of the data processing tasks associated with End of Day / Month / Quarter / Year processing. The QUE Master system is completely customizable and allows you to choose the tasks which you need to complete at the end of each Day, Month, Quarter, or Year. To implement the Que Master, your credit union chooses the particular programs that you require. You then enter the specifications of how you want each item to run. Once you have the program set up when it comes time to process you simply run the appropriate Que Master. When you come back the next morning, all reports are printed, statements are spooled, and the date has been changed. Your AMI System has the ability to store up to 100 Que Masters, End of Day, End of Month processing, End of Quarter processing and End of Year processing so there is no need to constantly change or update the items to be run based on the time of year. Why pay the extra expense of an on-line system when the AMI data processing system is this easy to use?