The AMI System produces the following reports which give the President, Board of Directors, Managers and staff the information they need to make informed decisions. Compare and you will see no other system will provide you with the complete reporting package that AMI offers. Listed below are just a sampling of the many reports the AMI System includes.

General Ledger

  • General Ledger Trial Balance
  • General Ledger Trial Balance (All Accounts)
  • General Ledger Budget Analysis Report/Comparison Reports
  • General Ledger Transaction Register (Daily)
  • General Ledger Month to Date Report
  • General Ledger Daily Summary
  • Statement of Income/Comparison Reports
  • Statement of Financial Condition/Comparison Reports

Share Certificates

  • Certificate Trial Balance (All or Specific Type)
  • Certificate Dividend Estimation Report
  • Certificate Dividend Accrual Report
  • Certificate Maturity Report
  • Certificate by Dividend Rate
  • Certificate Analysis Report
  • Certificate Maturity Notices
  • Certificates Under/Over $XXXX.XX Report

Share Loans

  • Share and Loan Trial Balance (Account/Alpha Sequence)
  • Share and Loan Trial Balance by Location Code
  • Share and Loan Trial Balance (Account/Range)
  • Share and Loan Totals Only
  • Share Trial Balance by Suffix
  • Share Trial Balance by Class/Class Code
  • Loan Trial Balance by Class/Class Code
  • Share and Loan Transfers (Group Basis)
  • Delinquency Schedule
  • Detailed Delinquency
  • Monthly Loan Review Date
  • Charged Off Loans
  • Loans by Purpose/Collateral Codes Report
  • Loans by Interest Rates
  • Revolving Loan Report (Line of Credit)
  • Projected Accrued Interest Report (Loans)
  • Amortization Schedules/Regulation Z Calculation
  • New Monthly Loans
  • Paid Off Monthly Loans
  • Share Analysis Report
  • Loan Analysis Report
  • Shares Under/Over $XXXX.XX Report
  • Loans Under/Over $XXXX.XX Report
  • Life Savings/Loan Protection Ins. Calculation Report
  • Number of Share Withdrawals Report


  • IRA Trial Balance
  • IRA Form 5498 Printing
  • IRA CUNA Service Group Report
  • IRA Projection Report

Payroll Deduction

  • Payroll Deduction Report (Account Number Sequence)
  • Payroll Deduction Report (Alpha or Deduction Number Sequence)
  • Payroll Allocation Report

Share Drafts

  • Share Draft Trial Balance
  • Share Draft Analysis Report
  • Monthly New Share Draft Accounts
  • Monthly Closed Share Draft Accounts
  • Share Drafts Under/Over $XXXX.XX Report
  • Share Draft Posting/Exceptions
  • Share Draft Transmission Edit
  • Share Draft Overdraft/Loan Advance Notices


  • ACH/Processing/Posting/Edit
  • ATM/Processing/Balance File/ATM Edit
  • ATM Loan Overdraft Protection
  • ACH Payroll DistributionShare Draft Overdraft/Loan Advance Notices

Miscellaneous Reports

  • Statistical Report
  • Mailing Labels
  • Dormant Accounts
  • Daily Dormant Activity Report
  • Dividend Estimation Report
  • Dividend Estimation Totals Only
  • Dividend and Interest YTD Report
  • Dividend Payable Report
  • Monthly New Accounts
  • Monthly Closed Accounts
  • Month-To-Date Check Register
  • Daily Check Register
  • Daily Transaction Register
  • Period-To-Date Transaction Register (Member)
  • Insurance Code Info Report
  • Name and Address Report (Account/Alpha Sequence)
  • Alpha Listing
  • Proxy Listing
  • Maintenance Log Report
  • Journal and Cash Report (Daily)
  • Cash Drawer Report
  • Age/Range Report
  • Aggregate Totals Under/Over $XXXX.XX Report
  • Batch Reporting (Up to 40 Reports)
  • Quarterly Statements hold & Multiple Page Report

End-of-Day Reports

  • These reports are all produced at End-Of-Day automatically via the touch of a single key.
  • General Ledger Trial Balance
  • General Ledger Transaction Register
  • General Daily Summary
  • Journal and Cash Report
  • Daily Transaction Register
  • Activity to Dormant Accounts
  • Daily Check Register
  • Daily Maintenance Log
  • Share and Loan Trial Balance Totals Only

Special Form Printing

  • 1099 IRS Dividend Reporting
  • 1098 Mortgage Interest Reporting
  • Loan Disclosure/Truth in Lending/Loan Application Forms
  • All of the reports on the AMI System are available on DEMAND. In addition, every report is as current as your last entry because of the INTEGRATED SOFTWARE on the AMI SYSTEM.
  • Batch Reporting allows the operator to run in a batch stream up to 40 different or like reports at the touch of a single key. Batch Reporting can be done during the day or overnight.

Report Generator

  • The Report Generator allows the credit union to design reports, which are unique to your own needs.
  • Any field of any master file in the system can be displayed or a comparison done on a field for selective display. The sequence of the report is also directed by your design.
  • The flexibility of the Report Generator will give you the outstanding option of “Dreaming” up reports and being able to produce them on your AMI SYSTEM.