AMI Security Audit is designed to help Credit Unions detect security weaknesses throughout their computing environment. The NCUA has stated “A thorough vulnerability assessment will provide corporate management with the information needed to identify the greatest risks in the information technology environment.” Accordingly, NCUA’s Rules and Regulations, calls for credit unions to “identify reasonably foreseeable internal and external threats that could result in unauthorized disclosure, misuse, alteration, or destructions of member information.” We give you the information to know your servers are secure and help you to protect against legal negligence claims and HIPAA, GLBA, and SB1386 compliance. Identifying a problem with security is the first step to fixing it.


  • AMI Security Audit reports include not only possible issues but also repair instructions to help administrators remediate all discovered security problems.
  • AMI Security Audit ensures your systems do not have vulnerabilities that an attacker can use to penetrate your network.
  • Schedule audits to run daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or whenever it is convenient for your Credit Union.

AMI has been helping Credit Unions service their member’s needs for over 20 years, and the AMI Security Audit is just the latest example of AMI’s commitment to the Credit Union movement and our dedication to provide you with the best Data Processing solutions possible. Our computer security experts have decades of combined hands on experience and have consulted on computer security concerns for Fortune 500 companies. You can be assured that we have the latest tools and expertise to find any weaknesses in your computer security perimeter and can explain, in plain english, any problems we find.