Share Certificates can be an attractive service offering to both current and potential members and can be a significant source of income for the Credit Union. The AMI Certificate module will enable the Credit Union to offer your membership an extensive program to handle their long range savings needs. This component will also keep your memberships money IN THE CREDIT UNION, not in the bank. The program is very flexible. Each certificate can have a unique dividend rate and dividend payment schedule. A complete early withdrawal penalty system is also included in the package along with all addition, inquiry, deletion, and maintenance of member certificate master information. It also contains complete on-line history of transactions, as well as comprehensive posting capabilities, including dividends.

  • Four operator initiated reports
  • Complete Trial Balance
  • Dividend Accrual
  • Maturity Report
  • Report Listing Certificates Maturing By Month
  • Up to ninety-nine certificates per member
  • Complete penalty calculation
  • All postings will automatically update General Ledger
  • Three dividend disposition options
  • Post dividend directly to certificate
  • Distribute dividend to member by check
  • Post dividend to any other Credit Union account
  • On-line history of all member transactions

Automated Maturity Notices

AMI Certificate Maturity Notice program allow your to print a document on blank paper notifying each member with a certificate maturing in the month and year specified by the operator. The AMI Certificate Maturity Notice module is designed to help both your membership and the Credit Union. The member will benefit by receiving a detailed notice informing them of the exact date of maturity and the Credit Union policy regarding certificates which mature. Your benefits are even greater. By simply starting this program, notices will be generated for all certificates maturing in the period specified. All information is guaranteed accurate since it comes directly from the database.

  • Notices can be generated for any month.
  • Notices will fit in a standard window envelope.
  • Both certificate balance and value at maturity are reported.
  • Notices print a blank 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper (three per page).

Laser Certificate Forms

Our Laser Certificate option allows for all Share Certificates to be printed on plain paper using a laser jet printer. No more buying forms and printing them off a seldom used dot matrix impact printer. All of the pertinent information regarding the certificate is printed on to the Laser Certificate Form and will reduce the time it takes you to process the certificate, as well as get your member on their way quicker.