AMI offers an option that can fit any Credit Union’s needs when it comes to IRS forms such as 1098’s and 1099’s.  Our Encompass Software System will create a file containing 1098’s and 1099’s for any member that should receive one, based on parameters that you can set up in the system.  The file gets created during your End of Year processing.  Once the file is created your Credit Union can choose how it would like to handle IRS forms printing and reporting.  The options offered include:

  • Option #1
    Credit Union prints its own PDF IRS forms, stuffs and mails them out to members and electronically reports the file to the IRS.
  • Option #2
    Credit Union prints its own PDF IRS forms, folds and mails them out to members and AMI will electronically report files to the IRS for a small fee.
  • Option #3
    AMI prints, folds, mails and reports IRS form electronically.
  • Option #4
    Together with AMI’s MIMIC Imaging system and Member.Net Home Banking, your 1098’s and 1099’s can be sent out as E-Notices.  Handled very much like E-Statements, E-notices allow for members to log in to Member.Net and view their IRS forms.  The forms will be stored forever on the AMI system and on the Member.Net Home Banking site.  Members will receive an email alerting them that a new form is ready to be viewed.

AMI offers very competitive pricing for our IRS forms printing and reporting services.  We also sell One Up Laser 1098 and 1099 forms.  Please contact AMI today for any questions regarding IRS forms printing and reporting.