The competition for your members money has never been greater. Not only from banks but from other community chartered Credit Unions. Retention of your members comes from the variety of services you can offer them as well as the personalized attention they receive from your Credit Union. It getting to the point where offering Share Drafts as a service to your members is almost a must these days. AMI has developed a rock solid share draft module that will help you compete with not only national banks but also other larger community Credit Unions.

The Share Draft module includes all addition, inquiry, deletion, and maintenance of member share draft master information. It also contains complete on-line history of transactions for two years, as well as comprehensive posting capabilities, including dividends.

The AMI Share Draft module offers the Credit Union the ability to introduce to your membership a feature which will enable them to do ALL of there financial business with you, not the bank. Moreover, this program was designed with you, the Credit Union in mind. Once the initial member draft is opened, and over-drafting and dividend parameters are set, your job is practically over. The AMI Share Draft component takes it from there. All dividends are posted as the share dividends are. Overdrafting options are performed automatically as the drafts clear. Even statements are generated along with all others. The combination of the practicality and the ease of use, should convince you now that this a needed solution offering and will help you both gain and retain members with your increased portfolio of services.

  • Numerous Operator Initiated Reports
  • Complete Trial Balance
  • Online History of all member transactions
  • Monthly New Share Draft Accounts
  • Monthly Closed Share Draft Accounts
  • Fraudulent Check Detection
  • All Draft information will print on Trial Balance Reports
  • Automated Stop Payment and Check Hold Capabilities
  • Complete over-drafting capabilities
  • Will transfer money from Shares and/or Loans, and generate fees for each
  • All postings will automatically update General Ledger
  • General Ledger accounts specified by individual credit union
  • Each Share Draft can have unique over-drafting options
  • Many parameters for overdrafts
  • Numerous Service Charge Options for different account types
  • Loan Payment parameters for overdraft Loans
  • Dividend posting information.