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In today’s fast paced world your members have greater expectations and more demanding needs than ever before. AMI can help you implement real world remote access solutions with our CU-FAST2 Audio Response System (telephone banking), Full Featured Home Banking, and Member.Net lobby kiosk. By partnering with us, your members will experience products and services comparable to any financial institution. Keeping up with change can be difficult but change is crucial for the survival of any Credit Union and being able to change before you have to is always the more attractive prospect.
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Audio Response

AMI’s audio response system, CU-FAST2, is an innovative way to better serve your membership. The system is used by the credit union membership for transferring funds between different shares, loans, and drafts within the members account. Members can also withdraw funds from their accounts in the form of a check. Also available are inquiries into specific account balances, the last five transactions performed, credit union dividend and interest rates, and cleared checks. An extensive fee structure is also included.

CU-FAST is menu driven, meaning you will step from menu to menu to achieve the desired function. There are no special codes to memorize no special wallet cards to carry around. All each member needs to know is their account number and pin, as well as knowledge of the different share, and loan suffixes. Home Banking / Internet Banking

As Credit Union members become more familiar with, and comfortable using the Internet,  a home banking solution can become a valuable asset to any Credit Union’s portfolio of services. AMI offers a full featured, secure, easy to use, and cost effective solution that integrates seamlessly with our core data processing platform. We offer two solutions that cover Credit Unions of all sizes, a batch solution and a real-time solution. With our batch solution you are able to upload a file to our secure internet servers several times a day. Our real-time solution offers a direct feed into our system, and all transactions that are conducted through the internet affect your members account immediately.  Accessing account information through AMI’s mobile app makes it even more convienent and allows your members to bank on the run.  Competition for your members has never been as great as it is right now and additional flexible service offerings like an Internet banking solution can help retain your members today and into the future.

AMI Kiosk

The kiosk has been designed to provide Credit Unions the opportunity to install a kiosk in the Credit Union lobby, a remote location such as a lunchroom, or any off-site location where you have a member group that you want to concentrate your business efforts on.

The kiosk software has been designed with a full range of easy to operate features which will allow your members to receive answers to their most often asked questions. Features like calculation of loan payments, projection of IRA growth, printing statements, printing out loan applications, finding cleared checks, and many other features. All of these features combine to help satisfy your members and free up some day to day tasks from your counter personnel which translates into better service and therefore loyal members.